Meso skin needling facial

As part of my New Years resolution I am taking some time to look after myself and in particular, my skin. As part of my job, I need to look respectable and I suppose in a way, I need to be up to date with new and exciting launches within the beauty industry. I mean, who wants a makeup artist touching their face with bad skin and out of touch with the newest makeup trends. Not me. 

So a friend of mine and the newest member of my recommendation list Miss Ruth Baron-Munns, performed one of the most unusual facials I’ve ever had and below is all about my experience and how I felt after having it done...


 Meso skin-needling facial with cherry peel

I have to say this time of year my skin is literally dying. It feels so gross, it’s dry, flaky and just generally looks dull and lifeless. No amount of makeup is helping me so I decided to take action and sort it out by having a facial. Now previously I have always had dermalogica facials which I love! But this time I opted for something a little stronger...


Meso Skin Needling is a gentle but effective and targeted facial where specially selected serums are placed directly in the skin - plumping fine lines, wrinkles and improving overall skin texture whilst also boosting collagen production and can help appearance of acne scaring.  I was so intrigued to see how it worked and what my skin would look like afterwards. 

 Before the treatment I found myself asking the question...what is meso? 

Meso gentle micro-needling is a safe,simple and effective digital collagen induction facial treatment for men and women wanting to target the following:

Fine lines and Wrinkles

Oily skin

Scarring, including acne and chickenpox scars.

Open pores

Pigmentation including age spots


How Does Meso Micro-Needling Treatment Work?

The tiny needles used in skin micro-needling make microscopic channels in the dermis, triggering the body’s healing response to kick-start production of new collagen and elastin, plumping up the skin resulting in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin. In the treatment of scarring, it rejuvenates tissue resulting in the relaxation of scar tissue.

Meso uses plastic needles to a 0.2mm depth ensuring that the specially selected serums are placed into the Dermal / Epidermal junction where it can be absorbed to have the maximum beneficial effect.

Ruth, known for her semi-permanent makeup work, performed the treatment on me and instantly made me feel relaxed. She went through any questions and queries I had, giving my skin a good once over before doing the treatment.

it sounded pretty scary having a load of needles in your skin but I have had tattoos before and so not adverse to a little pain!  

During the treatment...

To begin Ruth used a cherry peel on my skin to remove the dead skin cells on the surface layer. This was not overly uncomfortable- it felt I suppose as you would imagine a skin peel to feel, dissolving the skin to reveal the new layer beneath.  


After that she began the meso treatment. Ruth warned me that it may be uncomfortable over bony areas such as forehead and around the eye/cheekbone. She wasn’t wrong! It felt like little scratches or a very deep exfoliation. But she didn’t stay in one area too long and moved around to avoid it hurting too much. I’m making it sound awful- it wasn’t that bad at all and dare I say I enjoyed it when it was over my cheek areas and softer parts! 


The result

So most importantly I suppose is the result- did it work and Is it worth it?  


After the redness dissipated and my skin was back to normal it felt instantly plumped up, fresh, clean and new looking! The treatment worked amazingly to reduce the finer lines around my eyes, I don’t have that many to be honest but still the ones I did have have subsided! Some of the scarring I was left with from a child from chickenpox are beggining to disappear. And generally I feel like my skin has had a good ol’ Scrub!

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment


I can see how already it would be great for people with acne scarring and deeper lines who don’t want to opt for more drastic options such as Botox! With a course of Meso it can be an effective alternative to Botox using natural products, combining Cell Biologique scientific skin care and micro-needling. No other micro-needling treatment can get this close to the eye to plump fine lines and wrinkles.  

Costs and plans

Ruth offers Meso Therapy- Skin Needling Facials

▪one off treatment- £65 - 1hr

▪ one off treatment with cherry peel mask - £80 - 1hr 10mins

▪course of 6 - £325

▪course of 6 with cherry peel at first treatment - £340 - 1hr

Although it may appear expensive I can honestly say it’s worth every penny!  Such a good anti-ageing treatment using natural products! 

For more information and to see Ruth’s clinics please follow her on

facebook-  @barebeautyasthetics

Instagram- @barebeautyasthetics

Aimee Garner