Spring Summer essentials

Weekly Blog- Spring/ Summer essentials

April 7, 2017

This week I've decided to theme my blog around spring/summer make-up trends... The sun has finally shown itself and this weekend it set to be lovely and warm! (I wont go as far to say hot, but close enough!) I always think the sun shining always puts people in a better mood and of course naturally we become more social beings, we are out and about in it and I don't know about you but I'm planning a the first BBQ of the year!

In terms of makeup and hair this time of year is great to switch it up a little and try something different, I'm sure my hairdresser friends will agree, so many people are wanting a new look to get ready for the summer months ahead. I know I love changing up my makeup style too. Not just by putting on more bronzer, but by changing up a couple of essentials from my makeup bag to prepare for the hotter and more humid weather. 


One thing I think is essential when changing over your makeup from winter to spring/summer is your foundation. In the winter most people's skin is paler and dryer, so you also need something with more hydration. Whereas in the hotter weather you want something lightweight, non-oily yet with a real STAYING POWER! (also a shade or 2 darker depending on how well you tan!) I have found a bb cream that works really well, ticking all of the above boxes... BOBBI BROWN BB CREAM is lightweight, gives a super natural finish and best of all is SPF 35, so protection from the sun is covered! I wear colour natural so a mid-range but slightly more sun-kissed colour. I team it up with a primer from Illamasqua, which is fluid and most importantly a matte finish- this means my skin stayed perfect ALL DAY. (This primer is also tried and tested on all my summer brides!)

On days where I need to look more tanned to match my body- when I eventually go on holiday I use SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL  an AMAZING summer product. TRUST ME you need this in your life! Its a cream based bronzer, and the benefits of this is that you can not only wear it on its own- particularly on holiday when you don't need the coverage of a foundation but you can build and layer this as a bronzer over your foundation. Its got a wonderful consistency and best used with a buffing brush such as the ones you can get from real techniques. 

Finally, I think one thing you should change in the summer is your lipstick... Summer allows you to get away with wearing brighter and bolder lip colours. My favourite to wear in the summer is a pinky coral colour such as PAPAYA by BOBBI BROWN or RAVASHING by MAC both insane colours for summer!


Thanks for reading, hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend!

Aimee Garner