HD brows

HD brows

March 31, 2017

So this week my blog is all about HD brows... Why? Well I have recently trained in it and wanted to show you guys what all the hype was about...

HD is basically an eyebrow treatment which designs and tailors a brow to suit the wearer. Its a process where I would tint, wax, thread and tweeze your brows to absolute HD perfection! The beauty of it all for me though, is that the brows still look super natural! We use a lot of your own hair to build the shape, hence the tinting process- this tints the fluffy hairs around the thicker hairs to build a natural looking brow. I thought that it would be a good idea to share some commonly asked questions so you can be fully aware of what HD brows are...

Q: What is the difference between HD brows and a wax and tint? 

A: firstly, the time it takes to do a wax and tint is around 20mins. HD is a full treatment so can take anywhere between 40-60 mins. Secondly a wax and tint doesn't reshape your brow, it just tidies it all up and removes the finer hairs. HD uses those finer hairs to build up a thicker shape, it also uses other techniques such as threading to remove hairs. The tinting process in HD also means we can custom colour your brows, so perhaps you like them lighter in the summer or darker in the winter? Or youve changed your hair colour? - a wax and tint cant offer you that!

Q: I'm allergic to tint can I still have HD?

A: Absolutely! We tint the hairs using makeup so the process is almost exactly the same. I can also teach you how to draw them on after you leave so that youre not left alone to figure it out!

Q: I over-plucked back in the 90's, is HD for me?

A: Yes, you may not see a drastic difference in your first treatment, however you can throw the tweezers in the bin and I can put you on the re-growth programme whereby we will slowly grow in those areas which have been plucked and start building your beautiful brows. It might be a painful few months as they grow in, but my god it will be worth it! If they are really bad, HD sell a growth serum (which really does work) for your brows and lashes, you can purchase one through me and that will give your brows an extra bit of TLC!

Q: I'm a man, can I have HD brows?

A: Yes of course! HD is for everyone- we have a slightly different technique for males but it still involves a similar process to what I can do for women. 

So what is HD? Well apart from being bloody awesome, its a tailor made brow treatment for the wearer, thats you! And if you're still not sold, here's a few before and after shots:


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I look forward to hearing from you!

Aimee x

Aimee Garner