Blog of the week- Beating the springtime blues

The spring-time lurgy...

I don't know about you but I find this time of year really challenging... it's a strange limbo between winter and spring, which means that one day the weather is freezing, you're wrapped up your coat and quite literally the next day it's nearing 16 degrees and people are out in shorts... and after a long winter, everyone just wants it to be summer!

There are also so many illnesses flying around, I ALWAYS get sick this time of year, and this week was my week, maybe its the changeable weather or maybe just my immune system but if you had seen my at the start of the week to now... I'm like a different person! I went from a very poorly, pale, shivering wreck to feeling much better, bit more of a glow and about a stone lighter... err I wish!

It got me thinking about what I do to help myself feel better and get over the lurgy... obviously it starts with me taking a cocktail of drugs, Lemsip and Berroca, followed by a really hot bath. I whack on a face mask (a favourite of mine at the moment is this 5 minute detox one from Sanctuary Spa) and finish by literally scrubbing my whole body to get my skin feeling silky smooth! (I use a hot sugar scrub again from Sanctuary Spa) Next I get my not so secret weapon... False Tan! A quick 10 minute ritual to get you looking and feeling 100% better- FACT! (and especially great if this warm weather holds up and you're thinking about getting the pins out!)

My new favourite is one from a brand called Bondi Sands, its the most natural finish and colour I have ever gotten from a home tan, and the proof is in how many people comment on it. Yesterday I was on a shoot and I had at least 3 people say how bronzed and glowy I looked! It comes as a mousse so super easy to apply with a mitt, it glides on and most importantly, doesn't grab to areas such as your hands/ankles/feet which is typical of most self tanners and an instant giveaway! The colour is buildable as well so it means that you can tan again the following day for a deeper colour! The cost comes in at about £15 so it wont break the bank and it should last you for about 8-10 applications- if you look at it this way, its a £1 for every compliment you'll get! Trust me on this!

So to all of you out there like me, ROLL ON SUMMER and lets get rid of these stupid bugs!

Until next week! 

Aimee x