Weekly Product Blog... LAUNCHING TOMORROW!

So tomorrow will mark the day where I start a weekly blog, sharing with you (whoever you may be) a new product every single week.

I appreciate the world of beauty is a magical and mystical world which most people don't understand. We get drawn in by the latest products yet don't really know the benefits of what they do, who they are for or even why we are buying them in the first place. This is me. completely! I am, by my own admission, a beauty JUNKIE and even though I work in the industry I still don't really know what Hyaluronic acid is or what it does to your skin. 

The reviews will be HONEST and I aim to make it so that you can go out and confidently buy the product based on my review and enjoy it as much as I have or on the flip side, stay well away from purchasing and let me make that mistake for you, saving you lots of money!

Please message me for any products you want to try but dont want to spend the money or any products you want recommendations for... I will do my best to find the right ones for you!

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the first instalment!

Aimee x