Blog of the week- BEST MATTE LIPSTICKS


So this week I bring you some of the best tried and tested matte lipsticks that I've found on the market. Each one I have worn for the day to see just how good they are and I've tested them in 4 different categories, rating each one out of 10... 

1- Feel, this is so important when looking to purchase a lipstick. How it feels on your lips when you first put it on to how it feels 6 hours later is definitely something I want to know before I buy.

2-Wear, How long does it last for? Does it go dry and crusty or last amazingly? Does it come off easily and is it hard to remove?

3-Look, obviously how it looks is probably number one on the list, is the colour a true match to the swatch and does it look nice and velvety matte or dry?

4- Value, So does the price reflect what you pay for it. Is it not worth parting with your hard earned money? Or should you go and buy one in every colour?!



So first product to test is the Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick from KIKO cosmetics in colour 316... a deep brown/pink. I love KIKO as a brand as its inexpensive and the products are actually really good quality. That said, the lipsticks are about £10.50- So middle of the road in terms of pricing. This is reflected in the quality of the lipstick, I used the KIKO Smart Fusion Lip Pencil in 712 to outline the lips and it was a near perfect match to the colour lipstick. The lipstick itself went on really well, it felt smooth and velvety such as the name suggests. I have to say after a couple of hours, eating and drinking it does wear slightly, I had to top up about 3 hours after applying, which isn't bad considering! I have to say, It didn't at any point feel dry or that my lips craved moisture, so I personally loved that about the product! Taking it off was easy, came straight off with miscellar water. 

RATING: FEEL- 7/10 WEAR 5/10  LOOK 8/10 VALUE 9/10



The second lipstick is AVON'S True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in 'Ruby Kiss'. This is a lipstick that has had rave reviews about it, claiming it to be as good as, if not better than MAC's Matte lipstick, and at half the price I have to say it does give it a run for its money. Putting it on was very smooth, the vibrant colour was amazing and a cool toned pink/red is a hard colour to find! Now for the price, £8, I wasn't expecting much but actually the lipstick lasted really well all day needing 1 top up in the whole 8 hours. I have to say at the end of the day my lips were a little dry, and the lipstick looked chapped on my lips- however that was a whole 8 hours later! Taking it off was not as easy as the KIKO lipstick, and involved a little extra scrubbing but on the whole a brilliant lipstick for the price!

RATING: FEEL- 6/10 WEAR 8/10  LOOK 8/10 VALUE 10/10



Lastly, I bring you a CREAMY MATTE LIP COLOUR by BOBBI BROWN, and its at the top of our price range coming in £23. The colour I used was 'pink nude' perfect for a soft everyday pink colour. It went on really creamy and remained like that pretty much all day. One thing that I found is that I was forever topping it up. Perhaps because it was a lighter colour- I wasn't sure, but I find that it wore off quickly. In its defence, it doesn't claim to be a long-wear lipstick so I guess I can't complain too much! It was however, really nourishing on my lips and they felt really soft when I removed my make-up later that day. So a thumbs up for that! Do I think you should go and spend £23 on it? Probably not. 

RATING: FEEL- 10/10 WEAR 3/10  LOOK 9/10 VALUE 7/10

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below! Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Let me know if you have any products you want me to test out or if you're looking for something specific and I will be sure to feature it next week!

See you then!

Aimee x