Thursday 2nd March- Product of the week

'The older the smarter serum' 

Today I bring to you the first product of the week... an anti ageing serum from Crea-m, the ironically named 'The older, the smarter serum'


I received a trial size of this in my BIRCHBOX last month and I have to say I was dubious to try it. So many products claim to be anti-ageing but I am yet to find one that actually does the trick! This Serum I have to say has been pretty amazing! I was expecting to try it and feel no difference and although I'm yet to wake up 10 years younger, I have found that PRE-makeup this product works GREAT as a primer.

The gel-like formula goes on like a dream, and dries within a couple of minutes. You don't need much at all- my first attempt at putting it on it came out so fast that I wasted a lot of it but after that I used about a 5p size blob which was plenty! When first using the product, it does feel quite tacky but once its dried completely you feel an instant tightening effect. Not that I have many, but the finer lines around my eyes were less prominent and my skin felt much softer and super smooth. It made putting on my foundation and concealer so easy!

After a week of using this product I found that my skin was tighter and noticeably smoother. Unfortunately after about 10 days my 10ml sample ran out (partly because the first day I used way too much and ended up using it all over my neck!) If you were to buy the 30ml full product I would say you would get about 2 months out of it, particularly because it's a pump style bottle rather than a squeezy tube like the sample. Crea-m, the makers of the product, recommend you use 2-3 drops each time. They also claim that this serum 'illuminates your skin and boosts circulation' and gives you a 'botox effect' with out the needles. I have to say I agree with all of these points. They also claim that the product protects your skin from free-radicals, (which in Lehman's terms, is the environment, pollution and weather) so again, another plus point for this magical serum!

As for its Anti-ageing qualities, this I may have to wait to see the results.  However, the serum itself I highly recommend as a pre-makeup primer, it protects, tightens and smooths - everything you want in a primer, My skin definitely feels better for using it and if i can avoid going under the needle for great skin then a mere £30 is a price I'd be willing to pay!

To take a look at the product please click here: THE OLDER THE SMARTER SERUM

Hope you've enjoyed reading! Please leave any comments below and watch out for next weeks blog on the best MATTE lipsticks!

Aimee x