New year. New me.

2015 was a great year for me in terms of personal life and business. 

On a personal level I moved into a gorgeous little house alongside my best friend (who is still my bestie- we haven't wanted to kill each other just yet!) and we have had some really fun times together! I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of places too including Ireland, Austria, Rome, Morocco, America, Barcelona and Copenhagen - for both work and fun. I learnt some lessons too about how in business you can suffer knock backs and you can have things thrown at you in life that feel as though you will never make it out the other end but eventually you do. Time is a great healer and its never about how hard you fall, its about picking yourself up, moving on and if necessary, finding another route in life that may or may not land you at your original destination. In my work I have been a part of so many amazing weddings, people that have found true love and who I wish the very best in their futures together. In particular both my parents got remarried this year, as did a few of my friends which was so very special to have been a part of, thank you for letting me be a part of such an amazing day! I have also been privileged to have worked on some amazing film productions last year which I will take away so many lessons. 

That said, I think 2016 is the year of fresh starts. I want it to bring a lot of new adventures my way and already there's some really exciting things that I have waiting in the pipeline work-wise and I can't wait to share them! This year I also turn 25, quite a milestone being a quarter of a century and I can't help but feel nostalgic looking back on what I have achieved in my short life so far. As I'm sure a lot of you can appreciate, being self-employed is hard work. I always get people saying to me that it must be great choosing your own diary and when you work, and of course, sure that's a perk, but those days when I don't work, I also don't get paid. I have always struggled with making this a full time career and up until recently I have always had little jobs that I do alongside my make-up work. This year however I am really keen to make this a full time career for me and that's part of the exciting things that I have lined up!

So looking forward to 2016 I hope that it brings you all exciting prospects, health and happiness but most of all I hope it brings you, like me, the motivation to do what you have always dreamed of.

One of the sayings that I always go back to if ever I feel like I'm struggling to find the motivation to get up in the morning is this:

Wishing you all an amazing 2016.

Aimee x