Painting a baby bump...full of triplets

So last Sunday my lovely friend Jaime Halsey asked me for a very random paint her baby bump!
She is due to give birth to not 1, but 3 little babas in the next few weeks, and they are ALL girls! what are the chances?!

Like me, J is very creative and so thought while we could still have a bit of fun (before the hard work starts!) we should do a bit of crazy body art! 
Jai's husband Steve loves rugby, in fact he coaches England ladies, and as the 3 little ones are more likely to be in princess dresses than sports gear the art has been inspired by the 6 nations rugby. The poor kids have no choice but to like it now!

I loved doing this project, it was so nice to spend the afternoon with Jaime and her little one, Flo who helped out painting her 'peacock' design. (she's 3 by the way people! -too clever!) if these babies come out even half as cute as her they will be adorable!

On that note, I want to take this moment to wish team Halsey Good luck! Fingers crossed the little monkeys are all okay and healthy! You guys are going to make a gorgeous family.

To everyone else, please watch this quick vid of how it was all created...let me know what you think!!


A x