Aimee Garner Make-up Artist is expanding, and she needs you....

Are you an aspiring make-up artist or hair stylist?

Are you qualified but need a bit of extra help to push and support your freelance business?

Do you want the work but don’t want the stress of having to find it?

If any of the above ring true with you then Aimee Garner Make-up Artist has an amazing opportunity awaiting…

Aimee Garner has been in the make-up and hair industry for just under 10 years, she has worked with a number of celebrity clients and been a part of some amazing productions, films, theatre and TV. As well as her film and TV work Aimee is highly commended and well known for her bridal work and has been a part of over 400 weddings to date, averaging about 80 per year.

About the role

Year on year this number grows and as of next year Aimee Garner Make-up Artist will be expanding the Bridal side of the business further offering a number of different level positions out to aspiring and established artists. These levels range from apprentice level to pro artist and Aimee is looking for the best of the best to join her team. The roles are flexible and so can work around your freelance work, family life or other work commitments. You don’t need to have a lot of experience in doing bridal makeup and/or hair but provided you have the passion and the drive that’s required in the industry Aimee will teach you everything you need to know. The roles that are on offer require a certain standard across the board and it is essential that you meet the following criteria:

Are you:

  • Reliable
  • Hardworking
  • Flexible
  • Able to work on weekends and sometimes unsociable hours
  • Presentable
  • Passion for doing makeup and/or hair
  • Punctual
  • Approachable/ Friendly
  • Able to drive or get around easy
  • Midlands based

For the full job requirements and what the role entails please download the information pack.

If this interests you please get in touch with Aimee for more information about the what the role entails, the pay and how to apply - email: SALES@AIMEEGARNERMUA.CO.UK or download the application form HERE.

Many thanks, 

Aimee Garner x

Weekly Blog- Spring/ Summer essentials

This week I've decided to theme my blog around spring/summer make-up trends... The sun has finally shown itself and this weekend it set to be lovely and warm! (I wont go as far to say hot, but close enough!) I always think the sun shining always puts people in a better mood and of course naturally we become more social beings, we are out and about in it and I don't know about you but I'm planning a the first BBQ of the year!

In terms of makeup and hair this time of year is great to switch it up a little and try something different, I'm sure my hairdresser friends will agree, so many people are wanting a new look to get ready for the summer months ahead. I know I love changing up my makeup style too. Not just by putting on more bronzer, but by changing up a couple of essentials from my makeup bag to prepare for the hotter and more humid weather. 

One thing I think is essential when changing over your makeup from winter to spring/summer is your foundation. In the winter most people's skin is paler and dryer, so you also need something with more hydration. Whereas in the hotter weather you want something lightweight, non-oily yet with a real STAYING POWER! (also a shade or 2 darker depending on how well you tan!) I have found a bb cream that works really well, ticking all of the above boxes... BOBBI BROWN BB CREAM is lightweight, gives a super natural finish and best of all is SPF 35, so protection from the sun is covered! I wear colour natural so a mid-range but slightly more sun-kissed colour. I team it up with a primer from Illamasqua, which is fluid and most importantly a matte finish- this means my skin stayed perfect ALL DAY. (This primer is also tried and tested on all my summer brides!)

On days where I need to look more tanned to match my body- when I eventually go on holiday I use SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL  an AMAZING summer product. TRUST ME you need this in your life! Its a cream based bronzer, and the benefits of this is that you can not only wear it on its own- particularly on holiday when you don't need the coverage of a foundation but you can build and layer this as a bronzer over your foundation. Its got a wonderful consistency and best used with a buffing brush such as the ones you can get from real techniques. 

Finally, I think one thing you should change in the summer is your lipstick... Summer allows you to get away with wearing brighter and bolder lip colours. My favourite to wear in the summer is a pinky coral colour such as PAPAYA by BOBBI BROWN or RAVASHING by MAC both insane colours for summer!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend!

HD brows

So this week my blog is all about HD brows... Why? Well I have recently trained in it and wanted to show you guys what all the hype was about...

HD is basically an eyebrow treatment which designs and tailors a brow to suit the wearer. Its a process where I would tint, wax, thread and tweeze your brows to absolute HD perfection! The beauty of it all for me though, is that the brows still look super natural! We use a lot of your own hair to build the shape, hence the tinting process- this tints the fluffy hairs around the thicker hairs to build a natural looking brow. I thought that it would be a good idea to share some commonly asked questions so you can be fully aware of what HD brows are...

Q: What is the difference between HD brows and a wax and tint? 

A: firstly, the time it takes to do a wax and tint is around 20mins. HD is a full treatment so can take anywhere between 40-60 mins. Secondly a wax and tint doesn't reshape your brow, it just tidies it all up and removes the finer hairs. HD uses those finer hairs to build up a thicker shape, it also uses other techniques such as threading to remove hairs. The tinting process in HD also means we can custom colour your brows, so perhaps you like them lighter in the summer or darker in the winter? Or youve changed your hair colour? - a wax and tint cant offer you that!

Q: I'm allergic to tint can I still have HD?

A: Absolutely! We tint the hairs using makeup so the process is almost exactly the same. I can also teach you how to draw them on after you leave so that youre not left alone to figure it out!

Q: I over-plucked back in the 90's, is HD for me?

A: Yes, you may not see a drastic difference in your first treatment, however you can throw the tweezers in the bin and I can put you on the re-growth programme whereby we will slowly grow in those areas which have been plucked and start building your beautiful brows. It might be a painful few months as they grow in, but my god it will be worth it! If they are really bad, HD sell a growth serum (which really does work) for your brows and lashes, you can purchase one through me and that will give your brows an extra bit of TLC!

Q: I'm a man, can I have HD brows?

A: Yes of course! HD is for everyone- we have a slightly different technique for males but it still involves a similar process to what I can do for women. 

So what is HD? Well apart from being bloody awesome, its a tailor made brow treatment for the wearer, thats you! And if you're still not sold, here's a few before and after shots:

To book a consultation please call Aimee on 07525 424497 or 078721 30028 or drop me a message via social media FACEBOOK  OR INSTAGRAM or drop me an email

I look forward to hearing from you!

Aimee x

Blog of the week- Beating the springtime blues

The spring-time lurgy...

I don't know about you but I find this time of year really challenging... it's a strange limbo between winter and spring, which means that one day the weather is freezing, you're wrapped up your coat and quite literally the next day it's nearing 16 degrees and people are out in shorts... and after a long winter, everyone just wants it to be summer!

There are also so many illnesses flying around, I ALWAYS get sick this time of year, and this week was my week, maybe its the changeable weather or maybe just my immune system but if you had seen my at the start of the week to now... I'm like a different person! I went from a very poorly, pale, shivering wreck to feeling much better, bit more of a glow and about a stone lighter... err I wish!

It got me thinking about what I do to help myself feel better and get over the lurgy... obviously it starts with me taking a cocktail of drugs, Lemsip and Berroca, followed by a really hot bath. I whack on a face mask (a favourite of mine at the moment is this 5 minute detox one from Sanctuary Spa) and finish by literally scrubbing my whole body to get my skin feeling silky smooth! (I use a hot sugar scrub again from Sanctuary Spa) Next I get my not so secret weapon... False Tan! A quick 10 minute ritual to get you looking and feeling 100% better- FACT! (and especially great if this warm weather holds up and you're thinking about getting the pins out!)

My new favourite is one from a brand called Bondi Sands, its the most natural finish and colour I have ever gotten from a home tan, and the proof is in how many people comment on it. Yesterday I was on a shoot and I had at least 3 people say how bronzed and glowy I looked! It comes as a mousse so super easy to apply with a mitt, it glides on and most importantly, doesn't grab to areas such as your hands/ankles/feet which is typical of most self tanners and an instant giveaway! The colour is buildable as well so it means that you can tan again the following day for a deeper colour! The cost comes in at about £15 so it wont break the bank and it should last you for about 8-10 applications- if you look at it this way, its a £1 for every compliment you'll get! Trust me on this!

So to all of you out there like me, ROLL ON SUMMER and lets get rid of these stupid bugs!

Until next week! 

Aimee x

Blog of the week- BEST MATTE LIPSTICKS


So this week I bring you some of the best tried and tested matte lipsticks that I've found on the market. Each one I have worn for the day to see just how good they are and I've tested them in 4 different categories, rating each one out of 10... 

1- Feel, this is so important when looking to purchase a lipstick. How it feels on your lips when you first put it on to how it feels 6 hours later is definitely something I want to know before I buy.

2-Wear, How long does it last for? Does it go dry and crusty or last amazingly? Does it come off easily and is it hard to remove?

3-Look, obviously how it looks is probably number one on the list, is the colour a true match to the swatch and does it look nice and velvety matte or dry?

4- Value, So does the price reflect what you pay for it. Is it not worth parting with your hard earned money? Or should you go and buy one in every colour?!



So first product to test is the Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick from KIKO cosmetics in colour 316... a deep brown/pink. I love KIKO as a brand as its inexpensive and the products are actually really good quality. That said, the lipsticks are about £10.50- So middle of the road in terms of pricing. This is reflected in the quality of the lipstick, I used the KIKO Smart Fusion Lip Pencil in 712 to outline the lips and it was a near perfect match to the colour lipstick. The lipstick itself went on really well, it felt smooth and velvety such as the name suggests. I have to say after a couple of hours, eating and drinking it does wear slightly, I had to top up about 3 hours after applying, which isn't bad considering! I have to say, It didn't at any point feel dry or that my lips craved moisture, so I personally loved that about the product! Taking it off was easy, came straight off with miscellar water. 

RATING: FEEL- 7/10 WEAR 5/10  LOOK 8/10 VALUE 9/10



The second lipstick is AVON'S True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick in 'Ruby Kiss'. This is a lipstick that has had rave reviews about it, claiming it to be as good as, if not better than MAC's Matte lipstick, and at half the price I have to say it does give it a run for its money. Putting it on was very smooth, the vibrant colour was amazing and a cool toned pink/red is a hard colour to find! Now for the price, £8, I wasn't expecting much but actually the lipstick lasted really well all day needing 1 top up in the whole 8 hours. I have to say at the end of the day my lips were a little dry, and the lipstick looked chapped on my lips- however that was a whole 8 hours later! Taking it off was not as easy as the KIKO lipstick, and involved a little extra scrubbing but on the whole a brilliant lipstick for the price!

RATING: FEEL- 6/10 WEAR 8/10  LOOK 8/10 VALUE 10/10



Lastly, I bring you a CREAMY MATTE LIP COLOUR by BOBBI BROWN, and its at the top of our price range coming in £23. The colour I used was 'pink nude' perfect for a soft everyday pink colour. It went on really creamy and remained like that pretty much all day. One thing that I found is that I was forever topping it up. Perhaps because it was a lighter colour- I wasn't sure, but I find that it wore off quickly. In its defence, it doesn't claim to be a long-wear lipstick so I guess I can't complain too much! It was however, really nourishing on my lips and they felt really soft when I removed my make-up later that day. So a thumbs up for that! Do I think you should go and spend £23 on it? Probably not. 

RATING: FEEL- 10/10 WEAR 3/10  LOOK 9/10 VALUE 7/10

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments below! Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Let me know if you have any products you want me to test out or if you're looking for something specific and I will be sure to feature it next week!

See you then!

Aimee x

Thursday 2nd March- Product of the week

'The older the smarter serum' 

Today I bring to you the first product of the week... an anti ageing serum from Crea-m, the ironically named 'The older, the smarter serum'


I received a trial size of this in my BIRCHBOX last month and I have to say I was dubious to try it. So many products claim to be anti-ageing but I am yet to find one that actually does the trick! This Serum I have to say has been pretty amazing! I was expecting to try it and feel no difference and although I'm yet to wake up 10 years younger, I have found that PRE-makeup this product works GREAT as a primer.

The gel-like formula goes on like a dream, and dries within a couple of minutes. You don't need much at all- my first attempt at putting it on it came out so fast that I wasted a lot of it but after that I used about a 5p size blob which was plenty! When first using the product, it does feel quite tacky but once its dried completely you feel an instant tightening effect. Not that I have many, but the finer lines around my eyes were less prominent and my skin felt much softer and super smooth. It made putting on my foundation and concealer so easy!

After a week of using this product I found that my skin was tighter and noticeably smoother. Unfortunately after about 10 days my 10ml sample ran out (partly because the first day I used way too much and ended up using it all over my neck!) If you were to buy the 30ml full product I would say you would get about 2 months out of it, particularly because it's a pump style bottle rather than a squeezy tube like the sample. Crea-m, the makers of the product, recommend you use 2-3 drops each time. They also claim that this serum 'illuminates your skin and boosts circulation' and gives you a 'botox effect' with out the needles. I have to say I agree with all of these points. They also claim that the product protects your skin from free-radicals, (which in Lehman's terms, is the environment, pollution and weather) so again, another plus point for this magical serum!

As for its Anti-ageing qualities, this I may have to wait to see the results.  However, the serum itself I highly recommend as a pre-makeup primer, it protects, tightens and smooths - everything you want in a primer, My skin definitely feels better for using it and if i can avoid going under the needle for great skin then a mere £30 is a price I'd be willing to pay!

To take a look at the product please click here: THE OLDER THE SMARTER SERUM

Hope you've enjoyed reading! Please leave any comments below and watch out for next weeks blog on the best MATTE lipsticks!

Aimee x

Weekly Product Blog... LAUNCHING TOMORROW!

So tomorrow will mark the day where I start a weekly blog, sharing with you (whoever you may be) a new product every single week.

I appreciate the world of beauty is a magical and mystical world which most people don't understand. We get drawn in by the latest products yet don't really know the benefits of what they do, who they are for or even why we are buying them in the first place. This is me. completely! I am, by my own admission, a beauty JUNKIE and even though I work in the industry I still don't really know what Hyaluronic acid is or what it does to your skin. 

The reviews will be HONEST and I aim to make it so that you can go out and confidently buy the product based on my review and enjoy it as much as I have or on the flip side, stay well away from purchasing and let me make that mistake for you, saving you lots of money!

Please message me for any products you want to try but dont want to spend the money or any products you want recommendations for... I will do my best to find the right ones for you!

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the first instalment!

Aimee x

Top Honeymoon Destinations in collaboration with Airtours

After all the stress of planning the big day, there’s nothing better than the prospect of jetting off on the holiday of your dreams. Whether you’re after a little culture, some lavish luxury or simply want to bask in the sunshine, there’s a whole world of destinations for you and your partner to discover. I have teamed up with Airtours to put together our top picks for an unforgettable honeymoon you’re destined to treasure forever:

Cuba, Caribbean

Set foot on the largest island in the Caribbean and you’ll be struck by its natural beauty and winding pathways bursting with centuries of rich heritage. Ideal for newlyweds, find your very own spot of paradise in a secluded bay looking out over white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. If you’re after adventure, give snorkelling a try to discover tropical marine life under the sea. Otherwise, stay on land to explore your resort or Havana’s colourful streets for lively restaurants and bars. Budding salsa dancers should schedule their visit for November for a week of Cuban dance workshops, concerts and classes whilst in December Cuba plays host to the beats and rhythms of the annual Havana Jazz festival.

Algarve, Portugal

If you and your significant other are seeking sun-drenched beaches and delicious seafood, you don’t have to venture too far. Only a short flight from the UK, the Algarve’s coastline boasts idyllic sandy beaches, restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Escape to southern coast of Portugal to find warm sunshine most of the year, perfect for relaxing by the poolside or taking a dip in the warm sea. When you’ve tired of the seashore, wander through cobbled streets in the region’s coastal resort towns for seafood snack bars and food markets teeming with tasty local treats. If you’re in the mood for more adrenaline-fuelled activities, some of the leisure pursuits on offer include surfing, water sports and kite surfing.

Cancún, Mexico

With fantastic weather, stunning beaches and plenty of things to do, Cancún is a heavenly honeymoon location. Start your romantic getaway lounging on sunlit tropical beaches on the shores of the Caribbean Sea before heading out after dark to sample the resort’s famous nightclubs, bars and restaurants. If the area’s theme parks and huge shopping malls aren’t your thing, take a day trip to the nearby Mayan ruins to soak up some ancient culture. For wildlife, discover nature preserves filled with exotic birds and animals or gear up for diving and snorkelling in clear waters swimming with marine creatures, sea life and underwater sculptures.


Check out the airtours website for more details:

Rimmel 16-hour wear Provocalips Lip Laquer

Its been a while since I've blogged about a product on here, however that said, this one is worth writing about! 

Lip colour- 'I'll call you'

Lip colour- 'I'll call you'

Allow me to introduce to you my new favourite SMUDGE PROOF, LONG-LASTING, NOURISHING and VIBRANT lipstick from Rimmel! I was told about this product by a client of mine who told me she wore the red all day and it didn't come off what-so-ever. I must admit I was dubious- being a make-up artist I have tried and tested many products, most of which let me down on the longevity of its wear. however whilst grabbing a few bits in boots yesterday I picked up this lipstick and decided to give it a go.

So I picked up a nude/pink colour called I'll Call You. At first I put it on and the lip gloss shaped brush allowed for a smooth and precise application.The colour was pretty vibrant and there was no need for me to do another coat. step 2 was the nourishing balm/gloss which really does make your lips feel super soft and nourished- not dry like a lot of these other long-lasting lipsticks. 

Staying power- so I applied this just before lunchtime and it lasted through a sandwich, 2 cups of coffee, 2 cups of tea, numerous glasses of water, brushing my teeth etc. In fact I think its still on a little this morning! Amazing stuff. I for one am going out to buy the rest of the colour range as this product is truly incredible. I cant think of anything that's wrong with it- other than the fact that you may need a brillo pad to remove it!

I usually use the Garnier Original Micellar Water to remove my make-up however last night I opted for the new Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing water- another new purchase from yesterdays boots haul, it left my skin feeling fresh and cleansed but the oil in it left it so soft too. A great product for revitalising dry winter skin whilst cleansing! Another big thumbs up from me!

Lipstick Lovers make sure you go out and buy this Rimmel lipstick! its incredible! 

Buy here:

Airbrush Bridal Make-up

So many of my brides ask me about airbrush make-up and normal make-up and what the difference is. I am a huge fan of airbrush make-up and in the last 5 years it has come a long way!

I  have recently purchased the TEMPTU AIR: An amazing device which is so handy for on the go make-up but also AMAZING for bridal make-up!

The system works by spraying a fine mist over the model/brides face whereby it covers any blemishes or redness without using too much product, this means you get the flawless coverage without the make-up feeling heavy or clogged up. The system comes with many different colours in the range and so you can have the perfect matched foundation plus you can contour, blush and highlight with it too.

To see a demo of my version of bridal airbrush make-up have a watch of the video below!

To book me for a make-up trial or to enquire about pricing and availability simply click here.

Enjoy x

New year. New me.

2015 was a great year for me in terms of personal life and business. 

On a personal level I moved into a gorgeous little house alongside my best friend (who is still my bestie- we haven't wanted to kill each other just yet!) and we have had some really fun times together! I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of places too including Ireland, Austria, Rome, Morocco, America, Barcelona and Copenhagen - for both work and fun. I learnt some lessons too about how in business you can suffer knock backs and you can have things thrown at you in life that feel as though you will never make it out the other end but eventually you do. Time is a great healer and its never about how hard you fall, its about picking yourself up, moving on and if necessary, finding another route in life that may or may not land you at your original destination. In my work I have been a part of so many amazing weddings, people that have found true love and who I wish the very best in their futures together. In particular both my parents got remarried this year, as did a few of my friends which was so very special to have been a part of, thank you for letting me be a part of such an amazing day! I have also been privileged to have worked on some amazing film productions last year which I will take away so many lessons. 

That said, I think 2016 is the year of fresh starts. I want it to bring a lot of new adventures my way and already there's some really exciting things that I have waiting in the pipeline work-wise and I can't wait to share them! This year I also turn 25, quite a milestone being a quarter of a century and I can't help but feel nostalgic looking back on what I have achieved in my short life so far. As I'm sure a lot of you can appreciate, being self-employed is hard work. I always get people saying to me that it must be great choosing your own diary and when you work, and of course, sure that's a perk, but those days when I don't work, I also don't get paid. I have always struggled with making this a full time career and up until recently I have always had little jobs that I do alongside my make-up work. This year however I am really keen to make this a full time career for me and that's part of the exciting things that I have lined up!

So looking forward to 2016 I hope that it brings you all exciting prospects, health and happiness but most of all I hope it brings you, like me, the motivation to do what you have always dreamed of.

One of the sayings that I always go back to if ever I feel like I'm struggling to find the motivation to get up in the morning is this:

Wishing you all an amazing 2016.

Aimee x

How to make prosthetics... easy 3 step process.

I always get asked by people to do prosthetics on people for parties and events and sometimes what people don't realise is the process involved with making a prosthetic, even a general one that's not tailor made for that individual. Sure you can buy them pre-made but these are quite expensive for something that get used just one use and people are always deterred by the price.I wanted to do a tutorial not only so people can see the work that goes into making the prosthetics and why they are so expensive but also for people who are interested in the industry- maybe if you wanted to get into doing make-up or even just taking an interest this is a way that to make your own...

In this easy 3 step process I will show you how to make and design your very own prosthetic wound. It is based around industry techniques but also some that I have developed myself from doing this from home. Give this videos a watch and let me know your thoughts! Questions are always welcome so feel free to like share and comment!

It's been a while...

So it has been a little while since I've posted on here… purely down to me having a really busy couple of months filming and travelling! Here's a little glimpse into what I have been up to... 


We flew out to Morocco and were there for 8 days filming, we had an amazing time out there and the scenery was just insane! We were put up in a gorgeous classic Moroccan hotel with amazing tiled floors and lanterns! We were out in the middle of the desert with nothing really around us. The base camp was about a 45 minute journey further still into the desert. One of the main issues for make-up was the heat and being a massive +40ᵒc on set the conditions were tough! The whole experience taught me a lot and got to meet some great people. Unfortunately due to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that I signed I can’t say too much more… sorry to disappoint guys! What I can share though are the beautiful pictures from the hotel and base camp situated in the middle of the desert…

Zoolander 2

A little while after getting back from Morocco my phone rang on a Thursday evening asking if I was free to travel to Rome. So I of course said yes and flew out to Rome that Sunday. It was super short notice, but these things tend to be in film, no matter how big or small the production is! In Rome I was reunited with my lovely friend and colleague Steven Murphy (who I toured War Of The Worlds with) We had a great time working together again, he’s such a talented guy and I’m always learning new things from watching him work. The film itself is going to be a real contender for a good sequel, I cannot wait to see it! Although it was only a short 4 day trip after filming most days I managed to squeeze in a little sight-seeing and taste some amazing Italian cuisine! Again I can’t say too much else about the film other than it’s going to be a good one!

I’m so excited to see my work on the big screen, these 2 experiences alone have taught me so much. More than anything it has made me hungry for more film work, I hope it’s only a matter of time before a longer stint on something comes my way. Until then it’s back on the daily grind and keep the ears to the ground for the next job!

Hard work + Dedication + Dreams = Reality

I sit here on a Saturday night reflecting on all the highs and lows of my life so far. A little deep for a Saturday night maybe, but I sit here thinking about it as tomorrow I'll be off to Morocco to join the team on the new bond movie, Spectre. This is definitely a high moment! In fact it's huge and something that my younger self could only have dreamed of. 

I want to just say that Hard work, dedication, and not letting anything get in the way of your dreams pays off eventually. If you believe in yourself then others will too and good things will happen!

Watch this space!


How-to do a black eye...

Hey guys! So this week on the vlog/blog I'm going back to my roots and doing a special effects tutorial. This one is super easy to follow and do and with super realistic effects! Give it a watch and give it a go!

I would love to hear from you what you think so leave a comment below or share it with your friends!


A x

Our shining sword

Filming Feb 2015

Day 1- 

After arriving at the director Callum's house on the Sunday night before, the 5am Monday morning start was a struggle (to say the least!). However, after a coffee and breakfast we were all ready for the day. By 7.15am we were on our way to the location, a period railway station used by television programmes such a Poirot. The cast were already in costume and makeup so all that way left for me to do was oversee the extras and touch up the main casts makeup/hair thoughout the day.

The day started a little later than expected, partly because the train carriage we were using wasn't on the platform on time, however we made the time back eventually. Then about 2 hours into the filming, the rain started....and kept going! No one warns you as a crew member (and especially hair/make-up) just how cold it is on an outdoor set. This wasn't even really that cold in terms of outside temperature but when you're standing in it for hours it's pretty bloody chilly!! Fortunately that's not the first film shoot I've ever been on so I knew to wrap up with thermals etc. Biggest piece of advice I could give any make-up artist is to LAYER! And take extra in your car (just in case!)

Train station

Train station

Day 2-

Today we filmed in a house just down the road from where we were staying. A gorgeous interior, perfect for the wartime era. Today we were mostly filming the lead cast members, Doug (played by Jeffery Mundell), Ron (Eric Flynn), Mr and Mrs Miller (Tina and Tony). The hair and make-up was very similar to the previous day focusing on the 1940's hair and very basic make-up. It was discussed between myself and the director that the characters had a certain look in different parts of the film. Without giving too much away, we basically decided that during the 'miserable' parts of the play the hair and make-up would be slicker, smarter and the characters looked more tired and dreary. In contrast, during the 'happier' times in the film the hair would be a little more free-flowing and the make-up fresher and more colourful. 

The wonderful Bridget in full 1940's hair and make-up 

The wonderful Bridget in full 1940's hair and make-up 

Day 3-

After another successful day yesterday today we had A LOT of filming to get through! We started at Callum's house in his purpose-built set for Mr Miller's shed. It was all hands on deck and as well as focusing on the hair and make-up of the cast I was also roped into sound mixing too. This basically involved me being responsible for rolling the sound and watching the levels to check that none were peaking or sounding too loud, and as it happened listening out for cars and loud bird noises. (oh the joy of working outdoors!) One we finished that section of filming we moved back to the house we were at on day 2. We filmed our last scene of the day there for another 5 hours- yes it takes that long to film just once scene! (you can see why it takes so long to make a feature film!) And after another long day shooting we wrapped about 7.30pm...time to have a hot shower and chill out! 

Shed scene

Shed scene

Day 4- 

Today we were filming at a new location (about 5 mins away from where we were staying) which was in fact one of the actors homes. Again a beautiful period property that was great for housing this part of the film. We got some amazing pieces of footage from today's filming, really atmospheric and gritty. Once again rain affected filming, it may be a pain in the ass to film in but it does give great texture and an extra dimension to the scenes which are meant to be grey, dreary and miserable. However it was nothing that a rainbow coloured umbrella couldn't fix! Jeffery (the lead) looked so awesome in his uniform and the acting from him and Tina was top notch, they deserve a big mention!

home-made rain proof steady cam 

home-made rain proof steady cam 

Day 5- 

The alarm went off at 5.15am this morning (this is starting to get easier!) Really looking forward to having a lie in Sunday, however I can almost guarantee that I wake up at 6! Today we were at a lay-by about 1/2 hour drive away. We arrived on set for 7.15am where we all helped to clear the litter and inanimate objects from the scene, I won't go into details about what we found there but lets just say... film-making is far from glamorous. In fact I often get asked if it is as glamorous as it sounds and if the early mornings, cold weather and litter picking isn't enough for you to make your minds up then I don't know what else to tell you! The best bit I have to admit about waking up is that you get to see the most beautiful sun rises. We had another great day of filming and finished early for a change! Home time to watch TV and hang out until tomorrow, our last day! 

The beautiful view at 6.30am

The beautiful view at 6.30am

Day 6-

The final 5am call time! Woohoo! Although it has to be said I have rather enjoyed the early mornings, you feel so productive and obviously the morning sunrises are beautiful! Today we had quite a few difficult shots to do, with an old classic car arriving on set at 11am we had loads to squeeze in that morning! We started filming with Eric (character- Ron) then when the car arrived we moved on to filming with our newly arrived actor- David Dobson who plays the character George. In this scene he is supposed to look drunk and a bit worse for wear, to achieve this I reddened around his nose and cheek area, to give that 'alcoholic' effect and used a pink around his eyes, darkening the eye socket slightly to make him appear tired and the effect of eye-bags.

David Dobson

David Dobson

The make-up is supposed to look very natural and subtle, for film this is so important because the camera pick up every single detail! I always take pictures to check whether the make-up looks okay on the camera and I am constantly checking the monitor on set to double check that everything looks right. Even though the camera picks out a lot of detail sometime its handy to check the colour on camera as this can alter and change from the natural light. As an added effect I got david to put a little lip balm just under his eye and on the lid (definitely NOT IN HIS EYES!) just to give that appearance of them looking watery and hot. 

The day went really well filming wise until the glorious sunshine stopped and out of nowhere a huge hail cloud came! I think the weather was trying to tell us to move on to the next scene! That's British weather for you!

The team huddled for shelter

The team huddled for shelter

Overall it was a great week filming. I want to give a huge shout out to Mr and Mrs Burns for putting us all up for the week, feeding us and keeping us warm with tea and coffee and the occasional biscuits! I cannot wait to start shooting in August, lots more special effects stuff and cool 1940's Hair dos!

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